Founded in 2004, GIDEA GROUP is a boutique agency based in Tainan, Taiwan. We create value for our partners and customers by helping them to harness the power of creativity and effective communications to maximize the effectiveness of what they are trying to get done, anything from starting a social enterprise that will change the world, to launching a new brand or product.



GIDEA GROUP has supported some of Taiwan’s largest companies with their branding, worked with century old establishments, and help launched a few start-ups. We have worked with companies in the food, technology, cosmetics, service, finance, retail channels, food and beverage to name a few, both at home and abroad. We always like a challenge, and don’t like to repeat ourselves.



GIDEA GROUP started it’s sister company GCONTENT in 2014, GCONTENT publishes Weeknight, an independent English and Chinese publication that is distributed internationally. Weeknight reports on the trends that is shaping our world, each issues features a deep dive into only one topic.



GIDEA GROUP has won numerous awards, including:
4 x iF Packaging Design Award, 2 x iF Communication Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, German Design Award, Pentawards Gold Award, HKDA Asia Design Award, Taiwan EPA Green Packaging Gold Award, 3 x Taiwan Gold Pin, US FESA Golden Leaf, 2 x Taiwan Golden Print.

德國iF Packaging Design包裝設計獎 x 4、德國iF Communication Design設計傳達獎 x 2、德國Red Dot Design Award設計傳達講、德國國家設計獎、全球Pentawards GOLD包裝設計獎金獎、香港HKDA亞洲設計獎、台灣環保署綠色包裝設計講金獎、台灣Golden Pin金點設計認證 x 3、美國FESA金葉設計獎、台灣金印設計獎x2


GIDEA GROUP has helped Taiwan’s largest food conglomerate Uni-President with communicating it’s CSR activities, and played a pivotal role in the certification process of Tawian’s first B-Corp DOMI, we also assisted SunFar with 20 for future branding and communication, and also joining the 20 for future league, giving away 20% of profits to social causes.

好點子透過多年協助統一企業公益慈善基金會的CSR溝通,深度參與台灣第一個拿到B型企業(B-Corp)認證的公司DOMI的申請過程,協助順發3C在共同成立20 for future公益企業聯盟的品牌規劃與溝通,我們對公益與CSR溝通有深度的認識與認同,這也是為什麼我們在2016年也正式加入20 for future成為會員公司,為我們的社會也盡一份心力。