Jiu Zhen Nan

We began working with JZN in 2008, starting with the design of JZN’s annual catalogues, this grew to a complete brand visual revision in 2009, this project included creating the brand visual images, catalogues, packaging, website and videos, in the end GIDEA eventually invented a totally fresh and new visual style for the JZN brand, one which can be described as “representing the very best in Taiwanese pastry”.

This approach meant taking the JZN pastries away from just being foodstuff, and presenting as art like those housed in the National Palace Museum, in fact the new photography style of the pastries are the style used for artifacts in the museum, with a horizontal line cutting across the layout representing JZN’s place at the cross point of it’s heritage and innovative future. This new visual image made quite an impression with the public, with it’s bold and simple, easy to remember visual style, communicating both the traditional elegance and modernity of the brand, and a small dose of playfulness. Many quickly remarked how they felt the change of direction of the JZN shifting towards an international brand.

We are especially happy that many of the success of the designs is reflected in good sales records for the brand, and that two of the packages we designed for JZN has won the honor of iF Communication Design (2009/2010) and HKDA Asia Design Awards (2009).

舊振南成立於 1890年,是台灣人最愛的百年老餅店品牌之一,因受邀為多位台灣元首及名人規劃婚宴聞而聞名遐邇。儘管舊振南的銷售點遍佈台灣各地,包含許多機場及高鐵站都有舊振南的銷售點,就像許多台灣知名的老品牌,舊振南希望除了保有長久的傳統,還能進行現代化,吸引年輕一輩的消費者也愛上舊振南。









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