National Museum of Taiwan History

GIDEA GROUP designed the inagural print design for the National Museum of Taiwan History / 國立臺灣歷史博物館的開館平面視覺設計


After close to two decades of planning, The National Museum of Taiwan History finally opened it’s doors to the public in October of 2011, we were asked not only to come up with a worthy inaugural design for the museum’s opening, but also to create an visual image that would communicate in an instant 3 key messages; the museum, what it is, and a sense of new beginning. We are happy that we came up with something that met all these criteria and the museum director got instantly. We are very proud to be able to become a part of this museum which will be very important to our home city Tainan.



The main image of the museum features a montage of the architecture, the theme of the museum, and it’s location / 主視覺將博物館建築、主題、位置坐了一個視覺的混合mixing